stockfresh_1287256_feather_sizeSThere are some who say, if you come across a feather or if one lands on you. that means the Angels are with you.  Awhile back maybe last year, I had a fleeting thought, that “I had never seen any feathers”….  Well this was yet another “awareness moment” when I realized just how quickly thoughts manifest.  With my extremely loyal huntress of a cat named Chloe, I was inundated with birds that she was bringing in the house for me as offerings as cats will do!  It seemed like everyday she was bringing them in.  And if you are a cat owner, you will know, cats will bring their presents in live which tends to produce lots of lost feathers in the air and on the furniture.  One even had smacked me in the head as I sat at my desk working, when it first got in the house.  Now how is that for “Feathers as your sign”  Well I had to laugh as I “got it”, what Existence was trying to say to me and get my attention.

Last night as I sat constructing this blog (and it is still not finalized yet), I was blessing the project, my work and the blog. This morning, I awoke to yet more feathers all over the floor by my closet.  It looked like a crime scene yet there was no bird.  I had previously requested that there be no more loss of life of any birds or lizards etc on account of Chloe.  So I can only assume the bird was fussing so much trying to get away that it made it back outside and took off as there was still no bird laying around the yard!  To me, it was the Angels blessing of this new blog adventure, with no loss of bird-life!

It was not only about 2 weeks ago, Chloe had brought me a hummingbird and I caught her just as she brought it in the house.  The poor bird was not moving, eyes closed and body limp.  I scooped it up with my bare hands with one had covering the top.  It did not move when I did this.  I walked it outside and stood next the flowering tree the hummers usually feed from and started to send healing energy to it.  Slowly, the bird began to move and finally sit up very very groggy.  At this point I had slowly removed my other hand. When he finally opened his eyes, he just stayed there staring at me wondering I’m sure, what the heck had just happened!  All this time I was still sending him healing. I gave him a little bounce of my hand to nudge him on.  He took one hop and off he went like a bullet in the air way up high!  I was astounded as I assumed he would hop to the nearest tree, but he didn’t.  He was full of energy and joy for living.  I gave him a blessing as he went on his way.

Well anyway, be mindful of your thoughts, as they manifest quickly.  Watch out for feathers as they are signs from the Angels.  And as for cats, they will always hunt, however there can be alternate solutions.  The joke around my home is that I run a “catch and release” station for the numerous birds and lizards and all that have been captured over the years!!!

So long until the next blog appearance, and WithAngelWings I say Namaste ~



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