Poem: A Helping Hand

This poem, was just written based on my experience when simply asking for verbal help, a comment.  It never occurred to me, those nice people whom I chose to call friends, would be reluctant!  It was not as if I were asking someone to help me move my entire home across country, but simply some input!  In retrospect, Ego really plays a huge part of almost every aspect of our life, our daily functioning whether you realize it or not.  The ones whom you think are close to you, only are there when you fit into their box or on their shelf where they have you placed!  Amazing.  Enjoy my words:

All we have, is all we Are.
With our words or two hands, we can go far.
To be kind, is to be without Ego; it is not hard, to let go.
To be in your natural state, has stirred quite a debate.
Even when asked for a kind word or helping hand, 
it’s all there to understand:
You can plainly see who falls away, 
and who is there left to be.
Yes, all we have, is all that we Are.
You are clearly shown, who is who,
and who you Are….



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