Poems: In Book called Convergence



In 2013 I  had 3 poems chosen to be included in Talent Flush book of poems called Convergence.  Here they are below:


In My Dreams

Somewhere in-between, I found you in my dreams.

Was it in your kiss (something I wouldn’t want to miss)?

Or is it in your smile that goes on for miles?

I fit so well underneath your arm; I’m balanced within your charm.

Speak softly to me with that accent, for you must be heaven sent.

Our paths were crossed for a reason, and not just for a season.

This is where my love resides, where both our worlds will not collide.

In the air and in your heart, I am there and will never part.


Love is the Fire

Love is the fire within us all.

It is Love that keeps us from a fall.

Love is not diminished when given away,

Love is all there is, pure Love is always that way.

So give a little each passing day,

Give freely to all along the way.

For Love is the fire in us all,

We are one with the Love, one Love, we are Love.

The infinite Love Energy is that which binds us all.


My Perfect Reflection

My perfect reflection is staring back at me.

The beauty & love within, is more than anyone can see.

You romance my soul like no other, you are my lover.

Your electrifying presence fills me and sustains

With waves of you rolling through me, again, again and again.

We are floating in pure essence, my perfect reflection and me.



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