REIKI: Reiki is for Youth Coaches and Refs



When you practice Reiki, your whole life changes from the inside out.  You will feel more at ease with yourself, more in control, more peace.  Who could ask for more than that in their daily life especially when dealing with others in what could be stressful situations! When the leader is more calm, the others will notice.  The players will  pick up on this energy you will emit naturally.  You will be able to motivate the teams to do their best and bring cohesiveness to the field.  You would also be able to apply it to the team for their general wellbeing and morale.  And of course, in the event of injuries you are their first on hand to apply Reiki as needed saving valuable time before emergency personnel arrive. Reiki can help with cuts, scrapes, bruises, insect bites, sprains and swelling etc. It is also complimentary to any medical attention given as far as the healing process during administration of and after.

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REIKI: Reiki is for Caregivers

 Learning Reiki if you are a Caregiver (in one form or another) is Beneficial

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Day Camp/Summer Camp Counselors:  Being Attuned to Reiki (level 1) for self-healing, would bring you to a place of peace when needed without having to be away from the action!  Being Attuned to Reiki level 2 includes being able to send the healing energy to others. This could be very helpful in first-aid incidents of all kinds such as insect bites, sunburn, headaches, upset stomachs, bumps and bruises, swellings from sprains, nausea and homesickness! You could also use it for calmness for field trip travel or at the end of the day.


Day Care Teachers/Aids: Very much the same as above!  You can begin your day at home with Reiki for yourself, and at the center Reiki for others. This helps to nurture the loving an caring atmosphere you wish to carry throughout the day. This would also help with separation anxiety for the little ones.  Just think how much more pleasant the day would go, leaving more room for quality time.


Babysitters:  When you are more calm and at peace with yourself, those who are around you, will be as well since they will automatically feel this sweet energy from your presence. You will feel better and be able to respond with confidence using Reiki if the need should arise as indicated above. Having this ability could also help sustain and save precious minutes before 911 personnel arrive during an emergency situation.

home care of the old lady

Senior Caregiver:  A lot of the seniors who reach that age or time in their life where they need daily help, are sometimes difficult for one reason or another.  It could be from their ailments or just their disposition.  Again, Reiki helps with these situations as well soothing their anxiety, their nerves, theirs fears, and taking the edge off their depressions.  They will feel wonderful around you when you are practicing Reiki on yourself as well as when you apply it towards them.  They may not understand it, but will notice the difference.

Pet Sitter: If you have the wonderful opportunity to take care of an animal while the owner is away or on vacation, this would be awesome to know as animals love Reiki.  Not only will they feel the calm and loving energy within you, you would be able to soothe their own separation anxiety!  This could prove for a great experience for both of you to be able to enjoy the time spent together!


So, the bottom line is that when you learn Reiki (Level 1) and practice on yourself to help and heal yourself, you will notice the difference with your daily inner-actions and daily life.  Learning Reiki (Level 2) you will be able to apply it to those you are caring for, making your work days much more healthy and productive and their days more loving, happy and content.


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Kids Notice

You know, over the years of raising 3 boys I must have an additional 10 of their friends who call me mom!  I have helped out a lot of them in one way or another by letting them stay there long-term and short-term, by listening to them, feeding them or just letting them “hang out” without any hassle.  The influences I’ve had in their lives is reflected back to me when they call me mom and return for a visit.  They’re all great young adults now.

When you open up your heart and share who you are, the love overflows and spills out to all involved.

I was a teenager when I came across an open household and family, and I said then to myself that I wanted to be like that and have an open home in the same way.  You never know how you shape the lives of young people just by your kindness and understanding. If you are too stressed, too worried or your own life is out of control, you will miss the opportunity to share your heart and love with another and to be a good example for those eyes who watch every move you make while not listening to your words.  Words are a secondary form of communication.

Recently, the boys went to Yosemite for a week.  The younger one (15 year old) wanted to bring a friend. When asked why and which friend, I was floored with the response!  The other boy whose parents are divorced, just a couple months prior Had to move out from the dad’s place due to the father’s declining health with alcohol and drug abuse. He and his brother were then staying with the grandmother when they got word that the father had overdosed and passed away.  My son thought it would help him feel better and help him to cope with everything. Going to Yosemite was the opportunity of a lifetime for this boy, to experience nature and be in a loving nurturing family environment.  The trip will forever be etched on his mind and will change his life for the better for sure.

After all the years of watching me help other young people, giving of myself with what I had to offer – a helping hand, an ear to listen and a heart to give, my youngest has learned to do the same as his two older brothers have also.

Everything happens for a reason, even though you may not know right away or see the results.  As a parent your actions speak louder than words, and always will.  It’s not just an old cliche’

Take care of yourself, get your own life under control, love and nurture yourself so you can be there when a young person needs you, whether they ask for it, or not.


POEM: That’s Not Me

If you’re looking for…

A social butterfly who doats on all your lies,

that’s not me.

If you’re looking for…

Some eye candy or someone who’s handy,

that’s not me.

If you’re looking for…

A good luck charm to go on your arm,

that’s not me.

And if you have to ask me,

“Well who are you?”

Then I am much more than you’ll ever see.

I am kind, compassionate and caring.

I am the winds in the air.

I am the Love, always being there.

I am the beauty of simple things.

I am the true nature that unconditional love brings.


2014©Holly Miller

The Power is Within You

10 Power Thoughts for a More Rewarding Life

By Louise Hay

 I choose to feel good about myself each day. Every morning I remind myself that I can make the choice to feel good. This is a new habit for me to cultivate.

I am always presented with new and wonderful opportunities. I flow with what is happening in the moment.

Love is the miracle cure. Loving myself works miracles in my life.

I am the creative power in my world. I express myself creatively as much as possible.

Good now flows in my life from expected and unexpected channels.

My heart is open. I am willing to release all resistance.

I am unlimited in my own ability to create the good in my life.

I keep my thoughts centered on what I wish to experience.

Life created me to be fulfilled. I now release all expectations, and I know that I am taken care of.

My joyful thoughts create my joyful world.



Frankincense    (from:


Frankincense oil has a long history in both medicinal and spiritual usage. This oil has been widely used across the world for many centuries. Traces of frankincense oil have been found in Ancient Egyptian tombs dating back as far as 1323 BC.

Considered to be a holy oil by Christian religions, frankincense oil was one of the gifts said to have been presented at the birth of Christ. This is also known as Oil of Lebanon or Olibanum Oil (Lis-Balchin, M. 2006. Page 194 ‘Aromatherapy Science: A Guide for Healthcare Professionals’).

What is Frankincense Oil?

Frankincense is a type of resin harvested from trees of the Boswellia genus. The Boswellia sacra is particularly known for the healing qualities of its frankincense oil, and also the fact that it can grow in extremely rocky and challenging environments. These hardy trees can grow out of almost bare rock, and this only enhances their mysterious and spiritual nature.

The Boswellia resin is harvested by tapping through the bark on the trunk (a process known as striping) up to three times a year. The sticky resin is left then to ooze out and dry. Once it has dried and hardened the resin is carefully harvested. These hardened resin pieces are known as ‘tears’. It is generally thought that opaque resins offer the very best quality frankincense oil, which is prized by the Catholic Church for ceremonial uses.

Once harvested the hard frankincense resin is then distilled to extract the highly fragrant oil. The green and pale resin tears can also be eaten raw. This is a very strong substance and so it must be ingested carefully. The recommended diluted is 10:1 in water, and in general frankincense oil is used as a flavouring to dishes like ice-cream or sweet pastries, rather than as a main ingredient.

Does Frankincense Work?

There has been a lot of research on traditional medicines in recent years. Scientists are looking into exactly what traditional medicines such as frankincense oil are made of, and how these compounds could provide benefits for the body. Research into frankincense oil has revealed that it contains the organic compounds ‘sesquiterpenes’. These have the important ability to break through the blood-brain barrier and so affect the brain tissue. In particular the sesquiterpenes found in frankincense oil have been shown to stimulate the area of the brain that controls feelings and emotions. This is a key discovery, as for centuries therapists and healers have used frankincense to balance and improve mood and positive thoughts. Sesquiterpenes have also been shown to affect the main glands of the body including the hypothalamus and pituitary. This could help to balance hormone production and promote a healthier immune system.

Frankincense oil has been shown to have an ORAC value of up to 630 µTE/100g. This is the standard measure used to describe the antioxidant capabilities of a substance. Antioxidants have been shown to reduce the risks of early aging and age-related diseases, and are highly recommended as part of a healthy lifestyle.

In recent years frankincense oil has been in the news as a possible weapon in the fight against cancer. Scientists have found that compounds such as sesquiterpenes and monoterpenes in the oil can delete corrupt DNA codes from cells, and potentially restore the correct information to recreate healthy cells and stop the spread of cancer. This research is still in the early stages, but does provide some exciting possibilities for the future treatment of many forms of cancer (Howell J, ‘Frankincense: Could it be a cure for cancer’. BBC World News. 2010).

Medicinal Uses Frankincense oil

Frankincense oil is widely available and can be used in many effective home remedies. This sweet smelling oil has a strong, warm and balsamic-like aroma. It has been used for centuries by healers and therapists, and has been attributed with the following healing properties:

  • Anti-catarrh
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-tumour
  • Anti-depressant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antiseptic
  • Immune system stimulating
  • Muscle relaxant
  • Sedative
  • Expectorant

Frankincense has been used to treat a wide range of conditions over the years including depression, asthma, infection, common colds, low immune system, muscle strain, joint pain, nervous conditions, stress, stomach ulcers and more. This oil is also used as a treatment to uplift and balance the senses and promote spiritual healing.

Frankincense Natural Remedies

Avoid using neat frankincense oil topically or orally as it is a strong essential oil. Always read manufacturer’s instructions and dilute before use. Here are just a few natural ways to use frankincense to heal and support the body:

  • Skin Care –frankincense oil is widely used for skin care. It has been shown to soothe burns, inflammation, rashes, cuts and sores. To make your own soothing frankincense cream just add a few drops of good quality oil to an unscented base body lotion, facial cream, shower gel or liquid soap. You could also just add it to boiled water that has been completely cool, and use it as a toner and refresher.
  • Relaxant – frankincense oil has a warm and uplifting aroma perfect for aiding relaxation. You can add a few drops to a base massage oil (such as sweet almond oil), or simply add a few drops to your bath water. Whilst mediating many people like to warm frankincense oil on a special essential oil burner and inhale the fragrant scent to aid relaxation.
  • Sore Muscles and Joint Pain – frankincense scented massage oil provides a warming rub for tired and sore muscles, and joint pain. You can also fill a bowl with warm water, add a few drops of massage oil and then soak a clean cloth. Squeeze this out and then place over sore muscles to create a soothing compress. Alternate with a cloth soaked in cool water for a hot/cold treatment.
  • Stomach Problems – frankincense oil has been closely linked with treatments of stomach problems for centuries. Green frankincense resin is particularly prized for treating stomach disorders. This is made by soaking green frankincense resin pieces in fresh water overnight, and drinking a small amount each morning.   Drink sparingly as frankincense is a very strong ingredient. Green frankincense is quite rare and must be kept completely out of the sunlight to preserve its special qualities. Alternatively you can buy a hydrosol version of frankincense, also distilled from the resin. This can be diluted 10:1 in water and drunk sparingly as a tea to relieve ulcers, reflux and nausea.
  • Emotional Imbalance – frankincense is one of the key essential oils used to treat emotional imbalance. The warm, relaxing and uplifting scent has been used to support the body and mind through spiritual and emotional difficulties for centuries. This can be applied as massage oil or through inhalation using essential oil burners. Many people with nervous conditions find it helpful to add a drop of frankincense to a base lotion. This can then be applied to the hands, wrists or temples to help calm nerves in difficult situations.

Frankincense oil is a valuable addition to any home medicine cabinet. It has been shown to provide a wealth of healing and supporting effects on the mind and body. The warm, uplifting scent can help to balance mood and create a positive atmosphere to rest and recharge in. Frankincense is widely available as an oil, resin or hydrosol.

10 Tips For Raising Your Child In A Spiritual Way

Lessons Learned From My Father, Dr. Wayne Dyer

Serena  Dyer
Serena Dyer

In my book Don’t Die With Your Music Still in Youwhich I wrote with my father Wayne Dyer, we share our insights on family life with a spiritual bent. Using my father’s book 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace as a template, we describe the ways a spiritual focus can help children grow up feeling blessed and empowered:

1. Don’t Die with Your Music Still in You
Serena: There’s something I have heard my father say too many times to count: “You will never regret what you do in life; you will only regret what you don’t do.” Everything I have ever done has taught me something, whether it worked out or not. Sometimes the takeaway is simply knowing what I don’t want. Notice whether you are moving toward or away from what excites you. If you pay attention and let yourself be guided by your intuition, you won’t have to worry about dying with your music inside of you.

2. Have a Mind That Is Open to Everything and Attached to Nothing
Wayne: We become what we think about all day long—this is one of the greatest secrets that so many people are unaware of as they live out their life’s mission. What we think about is the business of our minds. If that inner invisibleness called our mind is closed to new ideas and infinite possibilities, it is equivalent to killing off the most important aspect of our very humanity. A mind that is open and unattached to any one particular way of being or living is like having an empty container that can allow new and endless possibilities to enter and be explored.

3. You Can’t Give Away What You Don’t Have
Serena: It may seem impossible now, but one day, we’ll all look back at the storms we have weathered and give a silent thank you. For many of us, it is the storms of our lives that have given us compassion, kindness, and gentleness that we otherwise may not have known—and that we can now give away to others, because they are inside of us.

4. Embrace Silence
Wayne: I have long known the wisdom inherent in the ancient aphorism, “It’s the silence between the notes that makes the music.” This is a truth that both my wife Marcelene and I attempted to convey to all of our children as we sought to make our home a temple of serenity and peace, amidst all of the activity of a large family. Everything emerges out of the silence.

5. Give Up Your Personal History
Serena: Our personal history is all the things in our background that keep us the same. If more of the same is not what we want, we have to let go of our history. When we do, we let go of all the beliefs we’ve had about ourselves—beliefs which may not even be true. In letting go of the past, you may find that you’re able to be more alive in the present. If you don’t like where you are in life, then you must change your way of thinking.

6. You Can’t Solve a Problem with the Same Mind That Created It
Wayne: I would regularly remind the children that their concept of themselves is nothing more than all of the things that they believe to be true. And if what they believe to be true is helping them to create situations in which they are unhappy or even unhealthy, they are then challenged to change what they have unwaveringly held on to as an absolute truth. This is very difficult for most people to do, and this is why so many stay stuck, because they would rather be right than happy.

7. There Are No Justified Resentments
Serena: Growing up, there was a five letter word beginning with a “b” that we were not allowed to say or use. No, I’m not talking about bitch; the real bad word in our household was blame. Dad has a zero-tolerance policy for resentment. He simply wouldn’t allow any of us to place blame on anyone or anything other than ourselves. Freedom comes in forgiveness and letting go. When you free yourself of your past resentments, you release yourself of the worry of the future.

8. Treat Yourself as If You Already Are What You’d Like to Be
Wayne: The greatest gift that any of us are granted is the gift of our imagination. Every single thing that now exists was once imagined, and the corollary of this assertion is that everything that is ever going to exist in the future must first be imagined. In my role as a father and a teacher I felt it was incumbent upon me to help my children understand and apply the phenomenal implications of this basic notion. “If you want to accomplish anything, you must first be able to expect it of yourself.”

9. Treasure Your Divinity
Serena: When we were little, my brothers and sisters and I were taught by our parents that God resided within each of us; that our divinity was not something we needed to go out and look for. Instead, we would find it when we looked within.

10. Wisdom Is Avoiding All Thoughts That Weaken You
Wayne: All I wanted for my sons and daughters, and all of those who read my books and attended my lectures, was to realize that they could always choose a thought that would empower them, as opposed to ones that make them fragile and weak. This is one of the greatest lessons we can all use each and every day of our lives: wisdom is avoiding all thoughts which weaken you. Or as the children heard me say so many times, “Your life is a product of all of the choices that you have made, so choose well.”



“The only problem is the ego, but it creates thousands of other problems; it is the root cause. And I am not interested in pruning the leaves and the branches — cut the root — because that is a futile effort, cutting leaves and branches; they will grow again.

The problem with the roots is that they are always underground; you cannot see them. And that’s how ego is, it is always underground. You see greed, you see anger, you see sex, you see ambition; these are all above the ground. Jealousy, possessiveness, domination, they are all above the ground. But they are only symptoms. And never treat the symptoms — cut the root, go to the very root, and then in a single blow life can be transformed.

The ego is a false entity. It is an invented center which exists not. It is a cheap way to create some identity. To discover the real center needs courage, needs deep meditation, needs inner searching, a soul-searching. So people have found a short-cut: rather than finding the real center they create a plastic center. It is cheap, easy. That’s what ego is. Ego simply means you don’t know who you are, still you think you know. This false knowing has to be dropped. It is better to accept that you don’t know; that is a first step towards truth. It’s known as “Agnosia”, a state of not-knowing. So these are the three states: ignorance…. In ignorance a person does not know but thinks he knows. The second, is Agnosia: a state of not-knowing. A person still does not know, but he knows that he does not know — and that is a tremendous growth. And the third is Realization, enlightenment, awakening, when a person knows that he knows.

Millions are living in the first state. Sannyas means moving to the second. And then the third comes or its own, you need not do anything. You just remain in the second, watching so that the first does not come in from some back door. Remain in a state of not-knowing, remain innocent, childlike, wondering about it all but not creating false knowledge to hide your ignorance, and the ego disappears.

The moment the ego disappears your real being reveals itself. And then there is light and then there is abundant life and then there is an infinity of love overflowing. By going beyond the ego one goes beyond both time and space and enters into the ultimate. Less than that cannot satisfy, less that that is not worthwhile. This is the goal for a Sannyasin — the ultimate realization of god or truth or nirvana.”



DIY Natural Flea Powder for Pets



Homemade Flea Powder Recipe:


1 cup Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

1/2 cup Neem Powder

1/2 cup Yarrow Root Powder

20 Drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil* *Do not use for cats.


Mix all ingredients together and put in a shaker top container. I used a mason jar with a shaker top lid (I got my mason jar shaker top lid at Christmas Tree Shop, but you could make your own by drilling holes in a regular mason jar lid).

Apply from head to tail along your pets spine in dry conditions. Brush your pets fur going the opposite direction so the powder comes in contact with the skin. Avoid the eyes and nose. Rub the powder on the belly and legs. Try to get the flea powder on as much skin as you can.

I have found that brushing the fur in the opposite direction and applying the flea powder with a cosmetic puff (like THIS) works really well. I also found the fleas seem to like the tail, the area right above the tail and the belly/groin area so I made sure to pay extra attention to those areas to get them well covered.  How often to apply flea powder?

To use this as a general repellent (with no serious flea infestation), applying once a month during active flea season (end of spring/summer) is sufficient. If the pet gets a bath or gets wet, it will need to be reapplied.