With your “Action”, comes your happiness!  As they say, right foot left foot if you ever want to get anywhere.  It is the same with the joy and happiness in your life.  You must make an effort,   The first action you must take, is the one to make a decision.  Everything always, begins with a decision to say yes. So make the decision to  be happy first.  So, just say yes!  And yes, it is that easy.  Once, you have made that great decision, you must take further action.  Set your intentions, to have a great day.  Or relate it to even smaller events going on with you if you feel the need to start smaller with like having a good morning workout or a good drive to work etc.  Then on to the next part of your day, setting the next intention.  You can even take action for a good nights sleep and to wake up in a good mood with this action of setting intentions before you go to bed. But you must make a conscious effort to set the intention.  With this action, lies your happiness.  The action of the decision and the followup with your conscious set intentions, to be happy.  As you retrain your mind, it will get easier and then ultimately you will not need this.  You’ll be able to wake up happy and have a great day!


Contact: Holly Miller for further healing and next available appointment 909-248-4790


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