Experience of Struggle

The following commentary, (written by a friend of mine Eric Jones) resonated with me and I found it worthy to share with all of you for some thought-provoking conversation.


The “Experience of Struggle” is the “Manifestation of Resistance.” The external manifestation of Your internal resistance creates the experience of reality being resistant to Your Will. The limits of Your beliefs about the freedom of Your BEing become manifested as restrictive limits in Your outer reality. The walls with which You have limited and defined Your “Story” are experienced externally as obstacles, complications, practical difficulties, and even physical barriers.

Struggle and Resistance are one. Struggle cannot exist without resistance. Without something to push against You cannot struggle. It is the belief in the world as an opponent. Just as Your story limits Your internal being, it also creates the boundaries of Your external reality. This experience of reality being resistant to Your will is the manifestation of the belief that reality is in some way separate from You, instead of being an intimate reflection of what You are. The degree to which You resist the idea that Your reality is the experience of Yourself is the degree to which You experience reality resisting You, rather than supporting You. That very resistance is a wall that You have built between Your “Perception of Reality” and the “Experience of Yourself.” It is an energetic wedge that separates You from the experience of Your unity with the world – with All That Is.

If reality instantly responded to everything You desired it would be easy to see it as a reflection of Your being; it would be like watching Your reflection move in a mirror. Resistance creates the “Experience of Discontinuity” between Your inner experience and your outer experience (the reflection) that leads to reality feeling like an obstacle. This discontinuity creates the illusion that reality is separate from You; as such it is an aspect of the experience of individuality. It allows Us to both define “Our Story” internally, as well as individuate Our feeling of Self from the world. It is not that one set of resistance forms Your inner boundaries and another set of resistance defines Your outer limits; You have one pattern of resistance and it forms all boundaries. Your inner walls are mirrored in Your experience of external reality. In this light, resistance can be seen as a powerful tool through which We created the “Experience of “Individuality.”

The World is the mass expression of All BEings that incarnate (individuate) here. It is a consensual reality which acts as a shared medium through which We interact with each other – the meeting point where individual realities intersect. The world is not solid and objective; it is a “Co-created Intersection of All Participants.” As We change Our personal realities the world changes in its reflection of Us. You see, change Your perception and start telling Yourself Your new story and watch Your world change i.e. define Yourself!





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