Kids Notice

You know, over the years of raising 3 boys I must have an additional 10 of their friends who call me mom!  I have helped out a lot of them in one way or another by letting them stay there long-term and short-term, by listening to them, feeding them or just letting them “hang out” without any hassle.  The influences I’ve had in their lives is reflected back to me when they call me mom and return for a visit.  They’re all great young adults now.

When you open up your heart and share who you are, the love overflows and spills out to all involved.

I was a teenager when I came across an open household and family, and I said then to myself that I wanted to be like that and have an open home in the same way.  You never know how you shape the lives of young people just by your kindness and understanding. If you are too stressed, too worried or your own life is out of control, you will miss the opportunity to share your heart and love with another and to be a good example for those eyes who watch every move you make while not listening to your words.  Words are a secondary form of communication.

Recently, the boys went to Yosemite for a week.  The younger one (15 year old) wanted to bring a friend. When asked why and which friend, I was floored with the response!  The other boy whose parents are divorced, just a couple months prior Had to move out from the dad’s place due to the father’s declining health with alcohol and drug abuse. He and his brother were then staying with the grandmother when they got word that the father had overdosed and passed away.  My son thought it would help him feel better and help him to cope with everything. Going to Yosemite was the opportunity of a lifetime for this boy, to experience nature and be in a loving nurturing family environment.  The trip will forever be etched on his mind and will change his life for the better for sure.

After all the years of watching me help other young people, giving of myself with what I had to offer – a helping hand, an ear to listen and a heart to give, my youngest has learned to do the same as his two older brothers have also.

Everything happens for a reason, even though you may not know right away or see the results.  As a parent your actions speak louder than words, and always will.  It’s not just an old cliche’

Take care of yourself, get your own life under control, love and nurture yourself so you can be there when a young person needs you, whether they ask for it, or not.



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