REIKI: Reiki is for Caregivers

 Learning Reiki if you are a Caregiver (in one form or another) is Beneficial

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Day Camp/Summer Camp Counselors:  Being Attuned to Reiki (level 1) for self-healing, would bring you to a place of peace when needed without having to be away from the action!  Being Attuned to Reiki level 2 includes being able to send the healing energy to others. This could be very helpful in first-aid incidents of all kinds such as insect bites, sunburn, headaches, upset stomachs, bumps and bruises, swellings from sprains, nausea and homesickness! You could also use it for calmness for field trip travel or at the end of the day.


Day Care Teachers/Aids: Very much the same as above!  You can begin your day at home with Reiki for yourself, and at the center Reiki for others. This helps to nurture the loving an caring atmosphere you wish to carry throughout the day. This would also help with separation anxiety for the little ones.  Just think how much more pleasant the day would go, leaving more room for quality time.


Babysitters:  When you are more calm and at peace with yourself, those who are around you, will be as well since they will automatically feel this sweet energy from your presence. You will feel better and be able to respond with confidence using Reiki if the need should arise as indicated above. Having this ability could also help sustain and save precious minutes before 911 personnel arrive during an emergency situation.

home care of the old lady

Senior Caregiver:  A lot of the seniors who reach that age or time in their life where they need daily help, are sometimes difficult for one reason or another.  It could be from their ailments or just their disposition.  Again, Reiki helps with these situations as well soothing their anxiety, their nerves, theirs fears, and taking the edge off their depressions.  They will feel wonderful around you when you are practicing Reiki on yourself as well as when you apply it towards them.  They may not understand it, but will notice the difference.

Pet Sitter: If you have the wonderful opportunity to take care of an animal while the owner is away or on vacation, this would be awesome to know as animals love Reiki.  Not only will they feel the calm and loving energy within you, you would be able to soothe their own separation anxiety!  This could prove for a great experience for both of you to be able to enjoy the time spent together!


So, the bottom line is that when you learn Reiki (Level 1) and practice on yourself to help and heal yourself, you will notice the difference with your daily inner-actions and daily life.  Learning Reiki (Level 2) you will be able to apply it to those you are caring for, making your work days much more healthy and productive and their days more loving, happy and content.


Holly Miller for further next available appointment    909-248-4790

***Note:  all photos were taken from Google Images and no copyright infringement was intended.


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