REIKI: Reiki is for Youth Coaches and Refs



When you practice Reiki, your whole life changes from the inside out.  You will feel more at ease with yourself, more in control, more peace.  Who could ask for more than that in their daily life especially when dealing with others in what could be stressful situations! When the leader is more calm, the others will notice.  The players will  pick up on this energy you will emit naturally.  You will be able to motivate the teams to do their best and bring cohesiveness to the field.  You would also be able to apply it to the team for their general wellbeing and morale.  And of course, in the event of injuries you are their first on hand to apply Reiki as needed saving valuable time before emergency personnel arrive. Reiki can help with cuts, scrapes, bruises, insect bites, sprains and swelling etc. It is also complimentary to any medical attention given as far as the healing process during administration of and after.

football       BB



Holly Miller for further next available appointment    909-248-4790


***Note:  all photos were taken from Google Images and no copyright infringement was intended.


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