TANTRA: Spiritual Orgasm


Spiritual orgasm

When two Lovers’ bodies penetrate each others, it’s a physical orgasm.  When two minds penetrate each other, its psychological orgasm. And when two spirits penetrate each other, it’s spiritual orgasm!  You may not be aware of second and third type of orgasm, even the first is very rare.  Ordinarily, you think ejaculation is orgasm, and women think they don’t have any orgasm. Ejaculation is only a sexual release.  Release, is a negative phenomena.  Orgasm is a very different phenomena.  It’s a dance of energy not a release. It is an ecstatic form of energy.  When energy becomes a flow, it’s all over the body and It is not sexual, it is physical.  Each cell and fiber of your body throbs with joy. It’s rejuvenated and it is followed by peace. Better communion happens between two Lovers with two psyches, but even two thoughts cannot occupy same space.  One thought has to go for the other to come in.  So even friendship, psychological friendship misses something.  It is better than the first, but nothing compared with the third. Spiritual penetration is really being with someone.

When True Lovers (because spirits being emptiness) meet, they are as two emptiness’ meeting.  They are not concrete like objects, not liquid like water. Thoughts, they are simply empty of themselves. When this happens, it is the ultimate!




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