TANTRA: Connect your Body, Mind, Soul


Through Tantra, you can enhance your intimacy. Simply follow, the following

a) Find time to talk with your partner especially before ‘LOVE MAKING’ . This talk is known as “Sallapam’ in tantra which creates a mood of happiness with romance.
b) Look at each other in the eyes and gently touch your partner’s body slowly where ever you love.
c) Gently chew on the lips and exchange the breath with  each other to connect the Prana (Life force energy)
d) Explore each other’s body and surrender oneself
e) Kiss the whole body of the woman from feet to tip and through the back to toe touching all the sensual points in the body. This is known as Apadachuda Chumpana’
f) Repeat this process and gently lick the special places of the body of your partner where ever you love.
g) Next round gently do the oral(Sucking) where the woman should imagine her vagina as a lotus and offering it to siva(male), and siva touches it with the fullest sanctity.
h) At this point the female also get the mood to react at the same way.
I) Control the breath in its low pace and always share your look with total love to your partner.
j) Shed your Ego fully and surrender to each other.
k) Orgasm is not our goal, so always try to enhance the period by adopting different postures.
l) Finally cuddle with your partner and make calm for each other and exchange the love.

Any couples or Spiritual partners doing the above, will never get separated and their love will be deep rooted, connected soul to soul. Their mind will become the dwelling place of happiness and peace. Their next generation, will become the angels of love.



Artwork:  Artist – Natasha Taiga, Siberia Russia



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