TANTRA: Sakthi Puja or Yoni Puja

YONI PUJA is a  well known Tantric practice to connect the inner conscious and through that enter in to SPIRITUAL AWAKENING and access divine powers. Unfortunately majority of Tantric yogis are using it TO ACQUIRE WEALTH, FAME,POWER AND OTHER MATERIAL THINGS IN THIS UNIVERSE.
Yoni Puja is a very old practice, a sacred and powerful ritual during which the living Yoni is worshiped through “ AGHORA MANTRA”. This is the oldest Tantric form of ritual for spiritual awakening, burning the bad karma, and to manifest material desire, fame, power etc. Through this, the participating souls get amalgamated with the universal macrocosm and in turn experience the highest ecstasy and help to open up the entire Chakras and burn the bad Karma.  One can experience this with the help of a  Tantric Guru who is mastered in all paths of Tantra such as White,Red and Black Tantra.Mostly this Puja is done on full moon days inbetween 12:30 a.m to 5:00 A.M. It is concluded in the Brahma Muhurtam.Om Santhi

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