AYURVEDA: Massage Ayurveda/Tantra


Ayurvedic Tantra massage is a of massage using Ayurvedic oil which helps the sexual energy to achieve a higher state of consciousness. Skilled Tantra Massage Therapists, especially Tantric Yogis, use specific sensual touches such as lightly running fingertips along the entire body to awaken a dormant energy field within the body. When awakened, this energy field is believed to unite lovers in an ecstatic experience and to get rid of/from physical and mental trauma. Tantric Massage is the best medicine for those who suffer from depression. This, is a very ancient healing art form from the mysterious land of India.

Tantra Massage sets out to unwrinkle blocked energy throughout the body and awaken the Kundalini, a mythological energy that lies in rest at the base of the spine. When the Kundalini rises from its restful state, it spreads out along the spine and precipitates healing throughout the body.

The goal of the Tantra Massage Therapist is to awaken the seven Chakras, or energy centers, along the spine of the body in an effort to nudge the sleeping Kundalini from its rest. The Tantric Massage begins with a relaxation massage and moves along into centralized Chakra energy building techniques, then accelerates into personalized Kundalini arousal techniques.

Sexual arousal is a major emotional impact of Tantra Massage. Like other forms of massage, Tantra Massage can be very relaxing. Tantra Massage can also alleviate physical pain and emotional fear and guilt. Tantra Massage will help the people to become more fulfilled and personally empowered.



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