Alexis and Bars

Who wants to have more Love, Joy, Peace, Harmony and Happiness in their life right now? Have your Bars run! It’s as simple and easy as that! When was the last time you allowed yourself to be nice to yourself, to do something for your own inner well-being? Take responsibility for your own life now and have The Bars run.  Watch the transformation begin! You are so worth it. The Bars process can help in all areas of your life with immediate effects and there are unlimited possibilities! From your physical health, emotional well-being, relationships, success and financial state, The Bars touch on all aspects of your life.  Just as the name states, it does help you to access higher realms of consciousness which will enable you to function from a different perspective and with more awareness.  It will also help (just to name a few) with lowering High Blood Pressure, Bipolar, Depression, Negativity, Memory, Sleeping disorders, Self-Sabotage, Judgments, Aging, Communication, Peace and Calm,  and any other limiting belief that we collect along the way.  You will feel differences immediately after receiving the process as well as a good nights sleep.  At the least, you will feel like you just had a great massage.  At the most, it will change your life!

This is easy, this is light, this is right! Make the right choice now and remember, not to decide – IS to decide! Contact me and let’s see what infinite opportunities and possibilities we can open up together for you and watch your life change. The time is now, as this present moment is all we ever have, all that will ever be.

It only takes a minimum of two people to hold a class and I can work with you regarding your schedule and/or location. So grab a friend or relative, spouse lover or other and learn how to do The Bars in a 1 day class so you can run them on each other! See what magic and miracles show up for you after you do! If you are a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), the one day class will provide you with CE credits as well as offering you a new process to perform on your existing and future clients!  Yes, only one day to be Certified to provide the process. Full sessions and mini (half) sessions are always available, so please contact me direct for next available appointment. All Bars classes offered are not always shown on the schedule, so please do inquire. 




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