We experience grief in losing someone or something that has become part of our life: a beloved partner or friend, an animal, a life situation, security, our work, physical abilities or health. Grief happens in all situations in which we are forced to confront the reality that we don´t have full control of many aspects of our being here.  Grief is probably the deepest emotional experience of our life, because it destroys many of our illusions and confronts us with a basic reality of this life: that there is no lasting security, and that on this plane we have to let go of everything, including the people we love deeply, even our accomplishments and material possessions, and our unconscious belief that we can postpone our fulfillment or our love into the future.

Grief encompasses many different emotions and energies: Sadness, rage, depression, loneliness, helplessness, fear, resignation, vulnerability, love, forgiveness, letting go, acceptance, surrender and peace.  Grief is a universal and deeply human experience that guides us towards inner maturity and compassion, if we understand it and open to the pain and to all that forces us to go beyond the barriers of the known into the vastness of the human heart and the depths of consciousness.  Repressed or rationalized grief can make one depressed, lonely or even very sick. Many terminal illnesses ultimately arise because of deep unsolved grief. Unresolved grief leads to an unconscious belief that similar life situations will arise and again. We may feel view ourselves as a victim and suffer from the idea that life does not offer us the happiness that we expect. 

Grief points towards the truth that the source of joy and love is not to be found at the surface.


Venu Pillai


One thought on “Grief”

  1. I love how you mention it guiding us towards inner maturity. My grief stems from having two miscarriages this year and those that have never experienced it I would describe their comments as compassionately immature.

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