TANTRA: Different Approaches



Tantra is sometimes divided into right and left hand. The so called “right hand Tantra” contains a series of physical and mental techniques that have very positive effects over health and well being, control of energies, harmonization of emotions, discipline and focalization of the mind. It also uses sacred geometry (yantra) and sacred words (mantra) which are tools for entering into resonance with the forces of the macrocosm.

In the “left hand” Tantric practice, the sexual re-absorption allows for the conversion and elevation of the huge sexual potential, producing rapid and beneficial transformation of the human being. This transformation can be achieved either by being sexually abstinent in conjunction with Hatha Yoga techniques or by being sexually ‘continent’ (not discharging the sexual energy, but retaining it), and over time producing a gradual elevation of consciousness until it reaches the state of supreme ecstasy or bliss. Tantra is life lived with intensity and in a superior way. 

In Left-Hand Tantra sex is not practiced for the sake of sex itself as indulgence or entertainment, but as an instrument for going beyond sex, for reaching health, balance, improved couple relationships, self-control, super-normal capacities, and eventually superior states of consciousness.



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