TANTRA: It’s not an Attitude


Tantra is not an attitude, because tantra looks at life with total vision. It has no attitude to look at life. It has no concepts, it is not a philosophy. It is not even a religion, it has no theology. It doesn’t believe in words, theories, or doctrines. It wants to look at life without any philosophy, without any theory, without any theology. It wants to look at life as it is, without bringing any mind in between, because that will be the distortion. The mind then will project, the mind then will mix, and then you will not be able to know that which is.

Tantra avoids mind and encounters life face to face, neither or nor thinking “This is good”? or “This is bad”?: simply facing that which is. So it is difficult to say that this is an attitude, in fact it is a no-attitude.
Tantra is a great yea-sayer as it says yes to everything. It has nothing like, ‘No’ in its vocabulary, there is no negation. It never says no to anything, because with no the fight starts, with no you become the ego. The moment you say no to anything, the ego comes already; a conflict has come in, now you are at war. Tantra loves, and loves unconditionally. It never says no to anything whatsoever, because everything is part of the whole, and everything has its own place in the whole, and the whole cannot exist without anything missing from it.
So tantra says yes unconditionally. There has never been any other vision of life which says yes without any conditions, simply yes. No disappears; from your very being. When there is no no, how can you fight? How can you be at war? You simply float. You simply merge and melt. You become one. The boundaries are there no more. No creates the boundary. No is the boundary around you. Whenever you say no, watch, immediately something closes in. Whenever you say yes, your being opens.



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