Energy: Heart Activation

Heart Chakra

Are you experiencing grief through death, emotional or physical abuse, abandonment, adultery? All of these are wounding to the Heart Chakra. Physical illnesses can also be brought about by heartbreak. The Heart Chakra is the place where unconditional love is centered. Unconditional Love is a creative and powerful energy that guides and helps us through many areas of our lives.  When you restore balance to the Heart Chakra, it will bring harmony back to your love for others, and for life itself.  The Heart Chakra is the center of unconditional love, self-love, compassion, and kindness and is the center of the human energy system.

Discover the Love you have hidden within. The “Sweet Spot” Heart Activation I facilitate, will knock down the walls you have built up and dissolve the layers of junk you have piled on top over the years. This Activation is done remotely so location is not an issue. You can be anywhere in the world. Message me direct for further details and to set an appointment.


ENERGY: Heart Activation


I can’t go back to that push and shove
As I only live in the now,
from whats sent from above.
I’m done with this earthly game
and can only see,
What it was, what is and
What will always be.
“So Below…”  it goes
And what’s above
Is only Love.
Love IS the answer
You see,
Within you, within me.

Ask me about the “Sweet Spot” Heart Activation done remotely



OK peoples, it’s time to uplift, upshift and upgrade yourself and to raise your vibration! The Heart Chakra is connector between the lower and upper chakras. Once the Heart is opened, everything will start flowing in more alignment. This Heart Activation is done remotely and can effect other parts Where You Are Requiring, as needed. Please message me direct if you are interested so we can book an appointment for you as this is becoming very popular quickly! Package pricing is available also, since once you have one it is usually requested to have another!

Thanking you in advance!



The whole world is crying and dying for Love;
That Unconditional Love everyone speaks of.
But no one can explain why we’re all still in this game.
It is so insane all this talking, is just a shame.

When it’s always there for you and me
If you just let go, relax you’ll see.

To experience that “Sweet Spot”
The melting to the core,
Is something you wouldn’t want to miss
It’s something you’ll come to adore.

So unwind your mind and leave all that baggage behind.
Move from the head to your Heart as that’s where it must start
Because in the end my friend, all that matters is Love.
That Unconditional Love everyone, speaks of.

~ Ask me about my “Sweet Spot” Heart Activation ~