If you are having some trouble standing in your worth and speaking up for yourself, you are most likely experiencing a blockage in your Solar Plexus Chakra and the corresponding Throat Chakra. When you Honor yourself, your life starts to change. When you choose what is best for you in any given situation, you will feel the difference.
Here are some simple tips for the 3rd Chakra-Solar Plexus to follow.

Wearing yellow clothing, eating lots of yellow foods and working with the solar plexus helps you stand in your self-worth.  Some Affirmations would be:

I am worthy. I am worthy of so much more!!! I am worthy of ALL the beauty kindness love and abundance there is! My inner strength is radiant.  I am strong, vibrant and confident. I am powerful beyond measure.

But you ultimately, have to believe this in your heart. So keep on, keep going until you feel and see the changes.

The “Sweet Spot” Heart Activation, is a channeled session which helps open the Heart Chakra which is the connector between the lower and upper Chakras. This Activation will also, help with your  Solar Plexus and Throat Chakras both being on each side of the Heart. You receive, what you need ~

Spiritual Life Coaching and Energy Healing services available.


Advertisement/Energy: Sweet Spot Heart Activation


When you are happy & feeling well, you sleep better and are better able to handle daily life!  This “Activation” works on clearing matters of the Heart working at deepest levels.

Location is no problem as all is done remotely.

You will feel like you had the best nights sleep ever in your entire life afterwards!

You will view things differently, and feel about things differently.

People will just notice there’s something different about you these days.

Please consider the investment as part of your health and wellness program.

Do something good and positive for yourself today!

You will not regret the choice you make to do this Heart Activation.

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