(New) Soul Sweep ~

“Holly is a gentle and caring healer who guided me through the process of what to expect and how to care for myself before during and after the Soul Sweep.  She provided a comprehensive printout of all the energy shifts that occurred after each session, and took the time to explain it all to me.”

“Sweet Spot” Heart Activation ~

“Since the session, my heart chakra has felt fully activated and I have felt very peaceful and happy no matter what is going on. I felt the integration for a solid 3 days after the session which is amazing.”

Access Consciousness: Bars ~

““OMG is definitely the right thing to say. How do I feel, I could write a book! Not only do I have clearer focus, I have a new outlook. I can only hope it lasts! I didn’t sleep well the first night, because I couldn’t go to sleep as I could not stop marveling at what I had experienced. When I did go to sleep it was the deepest best sleep I’ve had in years, had a hard time waking up too.”

Life/Spiritual Coaching ~

“Holly is passionate about people and making a difference to their lives. She is kind and compassionate and is constantly working on herself, enhancing her abilities to be able to best serve her clients. I strongly recommend her to anyone who seeks to expand.”  

Health Coaching ~

“Great compassion. Timely care. Showed me the path to resolve personal health issues. Intervened when I strayed. Truly made a difference in my personal well being.”

Inspirational ~

“Thank you for all of your words and your friendship, for being authentic, for being YOU. You have a magical inner calm, a sixth sense and a beauty within that shines out for all to see.”

Motivational ~

“I am so grateful to have met Holly as she has not only shown me a healthier and more satisfying way of life, but provided the tools to access and improve both physical and spiritual health.”

Reiki ~

“I told you I had to keep resetting so as not to lose the chat, that was before we had messenger, very powerful Reiki that day, and yes effective, blessings too, thank you!”




You don’t need to wait for a full moon to release and cut your cords and attachments energetically!!! The Soul Sweep process breaks through stagnant energies, removes non-benevolent entities & energies, breaks karmic ties from all lifetimes all levels and layers, and so much more! You’ll also be receiving the blessing of having your Auric Field repaired, along with your Chakras cleared, balanced and aligned. Whew! That feels light to me already!

If you are feeling “stuck” like the same things and situations keep happening over and over in your life, or if you are noticing more patterned or addictive behavior, you might just be in need of a Soul Sweep!

Please join us for our WEEKLY EVENT of a group “Soul Sweep” every Friday evening for the low cost of $25.00 USD. You do not need to “sit” for it. The process is gentle you might not even notice it going on. You can be relaxing at home or at dinner or even sleeping.

Please “like”, and comment below making sure your profile photo is of your face. If not, attach one with your comment. Message me direct for payment ID through PayPal which must be made in advance in order to be included.

The benefit of participating in the group “Soul Sweep” is the cost, and the opportunity will be available each week for you to join if you miss out this week. Should you wish to have a more personalized session (for *$55.00 USD) it would include a written summary of the process. Please message me direct with any questions you might have.

Looking forward to seeing all of you join in! Thank you, Blessings and Namaste.

*International discount off the USD cost is available, inquire first