(New) Soul Sweep ~

“Holly is a gentle and caring healer who guided me through the process of what to expect and how to care for myself before during and after the Soul Sweep.  She provided a comprehensive printout of all the energy shifts that occurred after each session, and took the time to explain it all to me.”

“Sweet Spot” Heart Activation ~

“Since the session, my heart chakra has felt fully activated and I have felt very peaceful and happy no matter what is going on. I felt the integration for a solid 3 days after the session which is amazing.”

Access Consciousness: Bars ~

““OMG is definitely the right thing to say. How do I feel, I could write a book! Not only do I have clearer focus, I have a new outlook. I can only hope it lasts! I didn’t sleep well the first night, because I couldn’t go to sleep as I could not stop marveling at what I had experienced. When I did go to sleep it was the deepest best sleep I’ve had in years, had a hard time waking up too.”

Life/Spiritual Coaching ~

“Holly is passionate about people and making a difference to their lives. She is kind and compassionate and is constantly working on herself, enhancing her abilities to be able to best serve her clients. I strongly recommend her to anyone who seeks to expand.”  

Health Coaching ~

“Great compassion. Timely care. Showed me the path to resolve personal health issues. Intervened when I strayed. Truly made a difference in my personal well being.”

Inspirational ~

“Thank you for all of your words and your friendship, for being authentic, for being YOU. You have a magical inner calm, a sixth sense and a beauty within that shines out for all to see.”

Motivational ~

“I am so grateful to have met Holly as she has not only shown me a healthier and more satisfying way of life, but provided the tools to access and improve both physical and spiritual health.”

Reiki ~

“I told you I had to keep resetting so as not to lose the chat, that was before we had messenger, very powerful Reiki that day, and yes effective, blessings too, thank you!”


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