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Poems written by me

I Once Had A Teacher

Sharing a poem from my upcoming book, Memoirs from the first half of my life called “I once had a teacher”…


I once had a teacher,

and his name was Abuse.

I soon thought,

that there was just no use.

I once had a teacher,

and her name was Pain.

I soon found out,

there was nothing to gain.

I once had a teacher,

it was Suffering this time.

I soon figured out

that it wasn’t all mine.

I once had a teacher,

whose name was Me.

I soon learned how,

to be set free.

I learned how to say no.

I learned how to grow.

By saying no more,

I learned how to soar.

I learned that I was the cause.

I learned that I had no flaws.

Through my prayer,

I became more aware.

I took down Love from upon the shelf

I slowly learned, how to love myself.

The Angels said: let Love teach her!

So, from here on out,

I could no longer doubt.

That Love, would be my teacher.

I once had a teacher,

and her name was Love.

© 9-12-17 hsm





POEMS: Transformation


It’s all about Transformation,
soaring to new heights and destinations.
Maybe you’ll go fast or
maybe you’ll go slow,
but just let go
of what you know.
‘But why?’ you say
‘I’m just fine the way I am’
But the caterpillar can’t see
all the beauty in the trees.
There is beauty beyond compare
when you just let go,
of what you know,
to what is and isn’t there.

(excerpt from the works of hollymiller05172015)


ENERGY: Heart Activation


I can’t go back to that push and shove
As I only live in the now,
from whats sent from above.
I’m done with this earthly game
and can only see,
What it was, what is and
What will always be.
“So Below…”  it goes
And what’s above
Is only Love.
Love IS the answer
You see,
Within you, within me.

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POEM: That’s Not Me

If you’re looking for…

A social butterfly who doats on all your lies,

that’s not me.

If you’re looking for…

Some eye candy or someone who’s handy,

that’s not me.

If you’re looking for…

A good luck charm to go on your arm,

that’s not me.

And if you have to ask me,

“Well who are you?”

Then I am much more than you’ll ever see.

I am kind, compassionate and caring.

I am the winds in the air.

I am the Love, always being there.

I am the beauty of simple things.

I am the true nature that unconditional love brings.


2014©Holly Miller

Poem: Dreams Shatter



Dreams shatter and lives brake,
but that is just from the quake:
It takes a shake up to create the make up.
As nothing remains the same,
this is the time to rearrange.
Change is our Friend,
with whom we can make amends.
To see the light of a new day,
there is always another way.
This is not where your story ends,
however, it is where the new begins.
So go within my friend and you’ll see,
a brand new life waiting to be.



Poem: I quit my past today

Time to share another poem, there really isn’t a title though:


I quit my past today, as I have said all there is to say.

Putting it away on a very high shelf, with only clear visions of my innerself.

After so many miles did run, it is now time to just sit in the sun.

To breathe in, to breathe out, is quite magical without a doubt.

Cast out your stones of hardness from your Heart, as that is where you must start.

Move from your head through to your Heart,

Pick yourself up from the gutter and free your mind from all the clutter

Helping others to be free, is now all there seems to be, you see.




Poem: Your Angel

Yes, you see, I am your Angel:

I can help when your world is crashing down around you

and make your heart sing when you think you can’t feel a thing.

With my wings wrapped around you to keep your spirit growing,

Love is most abundant, and your heart is all a-glowing.

Rest here now, a safe haven where you can be at peace.

It’s not too far from heaven, just to say the least.

So just let go, and let love flow.

As that’s all there is,

and all that will ever be.



Poems: In Book called Convergence



In 2013 I  had 3 poems chosen to be included in Talent Flush book of poems called Convergence.  Here they are below:


In My Dreams

Somewhere in-between, I found you in my dreams.

Was it in your kiss (something I wouldn’t want to miss)?

Or is it in your smile that goes on for miles?

I fit so well underneath your arm; I’m balanced within your charm.

Speak softly to me with that accent, for you must be heaven sent.

Our paths were crossed for a reason, and not just for a season.

This is where my love resides, where both our worlds will not collide.

In the air and in your heart, I am there and will never part.


Love is the Fire

Love is the fire within us all.

It is Love that keeps us from a fall.

Love is not diminished when given away,

Love is all there is, pure Love is always that way.

So give a little each passing day,

Give freely to all along the way.

For Love is the fire in us all,

We are one with the Love, one Love, we are Love.

The infinite Love Energy is that which binds us all.


My Perfect Reflection

My perfect reflection is staring back at me.

The beauty & love within, is more than anyone can see.

You romance my soul like no other, you are my lover.

Your electrifying presence fills me and sustains

With waves of you rolling through me, again, again and again.

We are floating in pure essence, my perfect reflection and me.


Poem: A Helping Hand

This poem, was just written based on my experience when simply asking for verbal help, a comment.  It never occurred to me, those nice people whom I chose to call friends, would be reluctant!  It was not as if I were asking someone to help me move my entire home across country, but simply some input!  In retrospect, Ego really plays a huge part of almost every aspect of our life, our daily functioning whether you realize it or not.  The ones whom you think are close to you, only are there when you fit into their box or on their shelf where they have you placed!  Amazing.  Enjoy my words:

All we have, is all we Are.
With our words or two hands, we can go far.
To be kind, is to be without Ego; it is not hard, to let go.
To be in your natural state, has stirred quite a debate.
Even when asked for a kind word or helping hand, 
it’s all there to understand:
You can plainly see who falls away, 
and who is there left to be.
Yes, all we have, is all that we Are.
You are clearly shown, who is who,
and who you Are….