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Kids Notice

You know, over the years of raising 3 boys I must have an additional 10 of their friends who call me mom!  I have helped out a lot of them in one way or another by letting them stay there long-term and short-term, by listening to them, feeding them or just letting them “hang out” without any hassle.  The influences I’ve had in their lives is reflected back to me when they call me mom and return for a visit.  They’re all great young adults now.

When you open up your heart and share who you are, the love overflows and spills out to all involved.

I was a teenager when I came across an open household and family, and I said then to myself that I wanted to be like that and have an open home in the same way.  You never know how you shape the lives of young people just by your kindness and understanding. If you are too stressed, too worried or your own life is out of control, you will miss the opportunity to share your heart and love with another and to be a good example for those eyes who watch every move you make while not listening to your words.  Words are a secondary form of communication.

Recently, the boys went to Yosemite for a week.  The younger one (15 year old) wanted to bring a friend. When asked why and which friend, I was floored with the response!  The other boy whose parents are divorced, just a couple months prior Had to move out from the dad’s place due to the father’s declining health with alcohol and drug abuse. He and his brother were then staying with the grandmother when they got word that the father had overdosed and passed away.  My son thought it would help him feel better and help him to cope with everything. Going to Yosemite was the opportunity of a lifetime for this boy, to experience nature and be in a loving nurturing family environment.  The trip will forever be etched on his mind and will change his life for the better for sure.

After all the years of watching me help other young people, giving of myself with what I had to offer – a helping hand, an ear to listen and a heart to give, my youngest has learned to do the same as his two older brothers have also.

Everything happens for a reason, even though you may not know right away or see the results.  As a parent your actions speak louder than words, and always will.  It’s not just an old cliche’

Take care of yourself, get your own life under control, love and nurture yourself so you can be there when a young person needs you, whether they ask for it, or not.


10 Tips For Raising Your Child In A Spiritual Way

Lessons Learned From My Father, Dr. Wayne Dyer

Serena  Dyer
Serena Dyer

In my book Don’t Die With Your Music Still in Youwhich I wrote with my father Wayne Dyer, we share our insights on family life with a spiritual bent. Using my father’s book 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace as a template, we describe the ways a spiritual focus can help children grow up feeling blessed and empowered:

1. Don’t Die with Your Music Still in You
Serena: There’s something I have heard my father say too many times to count: “You will never regret what you do in life; you will only regret what you don’t do.” Everything I have ever done has taught me something, whether it worked out or not. Sometimes the takeaway is simply knowing what I don’t want. Notice whether you are moving toward or away from what excites you. If you pay attention and let yourself be guided by your intuition, you won’t have to worry about dying with your music inside of you.

2. Have a Mind That Is Open to Everything and Attached to Nothing
Wayne: We become what we think about all day long—this is one of the greatest secrets that so many people are unaware of as they live out their life’s mission. What we think about is the business of our minds. If that inner invisibleness called our mind is closed to new ideas and infinite possibilities, it is equivalent to killing off the most important aspect of our very humanity. A mind that is open and unattached to any one particular way of being or living is like having an empty container that can allow new and endless possibilities to enter and be explored.

3. You Can’t Give Away What You Don’t Have
Serena: It may seem impossible now, but one day, we’ll all look back at the storms we have weathered and give a silent thank you. For many of us, it is the storms of our lives that have given us compassion, kindness, and gentleness that we otherwise may not have known—and that we can now give away to others, because they are inside of us.

4. Embrace Silence
Wayne: I have long known the wisdom inherent in the ancient aphorism, “It’s the silence between the notes that makes the music.” This is a truth that both my wife Marcelene and I attempted to convey to all of our children as we sought to make our home a temple of serenity and peace, amidst all of the activity of a large family. Everything emerges out of the silence.

5. Give Up Your Personal History
Serena: Our personal history is all the things in our background that keep us the same. If more of the same is not what we want, we have to let go of our history. When we do, we let go of all the beliefs we’ve had about ourselves—beliefs which may not even be true. In letting go of the past, you may find that you’re able to be more alive in the present. If you don’t like where you are in life, then you must change your way of thinking.

6. You Can’t Solve a Problem with the Same Mind That Created It
Wayne: I would regularly remind the children that their concept of themselves is nothing more than all of the things that they believe to be true. And if what they believe to be true is helping them to create situations in which they are unhappy or even unhealthy, they are then challenged to change what they have unwaveringly held on to as an absolute truth. This is very difficult for most people to do, and this is why so many stay stuck, because they would rather be right than happy.

7. There Are No Justified Resentments
Serena: Growing up, there was a five letter word beginning with a “b” that we were not allowed to say or use. No, I’m not talking about bitch; the real bad word in our household was blame. Dad has a zero-tolerance policy for resentment. He simply wouldn’t allow any of us to place blame on anyone or anything other than ourselves. Freedom comes in forgiveness and letting go. When you free yourself of your past resentments, you release yourself of the worry of the future.

8. Treat Yourself as If You Already Are What You’d Like to Be
Wayne: The greatest gift that any of us are granted is the gift of our imagination. Every single thing that now exists was once imagined, and the corollary of this assertion is that everything that is ever going to exist in the future must first be imagined. In my role as a father and a teacher I felt it was incumbent upon me to help my children understand and apply the phenomenal implications of this basic notion. “If you want to accomplish anything, you must first be able to expect it of yourself.”

9. Treasure Your Divinity
Serena: When we were little, my brothers and sisters and I were taught by our parents that God resided within each of us; that our divinity was not something we needed to go out and look for. Instead, we would find it when we looked within.

10. Wisdom Is Avoiding All Thoughts That Weaken You
Wayne: All I wanted for my sons and daughters, and all of those who read my books and attended my lectures, was to realize that they could always choose a thought that would empower them, as opposed to ones that make them fragile and weak. This is one of the greatest lessons we can all use each and every day of our lives: wisdom is avoiding all thoughts which weaken you. Or as the children heard me say so many times, “Your life is a product of all of the choices that you have made, so choose well.”


Woman Proves Sound Can Cure ANYTHING!

Woman Proves Sound Can Cure ANYTHING!

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

Sharry Edwards is an innovative pioneer in sound technology and has developed voice-wave software to cure virtually everything known to man! Imagine using your voice to analyze any medical condition within you? Imagine learning about a physical condition long before you knew it even existed within you? According to Sharry, frequencies are medicine of the future and by the time you finish this article, you’ll agree…

Thriving is what is natural to you


Releasing Resistance

From the Teaching of Abraham with Esther and Jerry Hicks

This meditation appears in Getting into the Vortex.

“There is no greater advantage that you could offer to your body than this gentle releasing of resistance, right now—for your natural state is one of absolute Well-being, and in the absence of resistance, your physical body must thrive.

Relief always feels good, and there are many things of an action nature that can give you a feeling of relief: When you are thirsty, your body feels the relief of something refreshing to drink. When you are hungry, it is a relief to eat something. When you are tired, it is a relief to rest. But if you wait until your body is completely dehydrated before you drink something or completely emaciated before you eat something, your body can get far out of balance.

While it is possible to eventually bring your body back to a state of well-being—it is much easier to maintain a healthy physical balance than to recover it after losing it.

Most people never put themselves into the dramatic situation where they are without water or food to the point of doing damage to their physical bodies; however, it is not uncommon for people to deprive their bodies of something equally important: alignment with Source Energy.

Often people develop patterns of thought that hold them steadily in a state of negative emotion. And even though they grow accustomed to the feelings of overwhelment, anger, worry, blame, guilt, and so forth, the chronic negative emotions indicate strong patterns of resistance that are hindering to natural Well-Being.

In the same way that it is a good idea to drink when you feel the indication of thirst—and therefore maintain your Well-Being long before dehydration is experienced—it is equally important to change the thought and release resistance at the first indication of negative emotion. For while it is certainly possible to withstand negative emotion for long periods of time, it is not the optimal experience for the cells of your physical body.

When you learn to release resistance in the early, subtle stages, your physical body must thrive. Thriving is what is natural to you.”

Real US History of Memorial Day beginning

Real US History of Memorial Day beginning

“Memorial Day was started by former slaves on May, 1, 1865 in Charleston, SC to honor 257 dead Union Soldiers who had been buried in a mass grave in a Confederate prison camp. They dug up the bodies and worked for 2 weeks to give them a proper burial as gratitude for fighting for their freedom. They then held a parade of 10,000 people led by 2,800 Black children where they marched, sang and celebrated.

Thanks to Abstrakt Goldsmith for this nugget of history that most of us never learned in school and Punk Colors for sharing.”

Jazz for Cows




Jazz for Cows

What a great story!  Who says cows are stupid and have no feelings!!!  WE are All One!!!  We are all created from the same breath of life and have the same life-force energy running through us.  With your ascension to higher levels of consciousness you will understand this and become vegan naturally, with ease.  Be kind to animals. If for some reason you can’t be kind, at least do not hurt them.


Hello and Welcome to With Angel Wings!

Within this Blog, I will be sharing some of my life and spiritual journey as well as any wisdom pearls, anecdotes, and my writings and/or poems.  You might also find the occasional photo or link to other great information  regarding health and wellness.

Topics of Interest would be Natural Healing from within, Meditation, Healthy lifestyle, Vegetarian diet, the Subtle Body, Chakra clearing and balancing, Reiki Energy work, various other modalities, higher realms of Consciousness, Tantra and your own Divinity.

So!  Without further ado, let this be my first “blog” entry and I’m looking forward to this new adventure!

Blessings and Namaste’