What is The Soul Sweep, Purpose and Inclusions

The Soul Sweep:

The Soul Sweep (channeled) is an energetic process performed by a specialized Team of Angels and High Order Beings who guide and perform the work during each session. Your Higher Self is an integral part of this team as well. Each Soul Sweep session is done remotely.


The general purpose of the Soul Sweep, is to remove all non-beneficial energies and entities from your Auric Fields including your home and vehicle, pets, and place of employment extending radius out a few miles. This work is done with love and compassion. These malevolent energies and entities may be interfering with your ability to make clear choices and to connect with your Higher Self. Any interferences also manifest in the physical form and as emotional ailments that are often associated with addictive/compulsive behaviors.

What’s Included:

You will receive Protection Angels will be assigned to remain by your side

DNA enhancement which allows you to receive more photon packages of Light assisting in your Soul’s evolution;

Your Chakra System and energetic fields are balanced, and realigned including the cleansing of your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical planes.

Your spouse and underage children living with you, can be included, however only 1 report is provided for and based on the main client

Written outline of what has been done

Signs of Entity Interference:

Sudden onset of any of the following is a strong indicator of entity interference.

Anxiety,  Depression,  Memory Problems,  Poor Concentration,  Feeling Disconnected,
Mood Swings,  Impulsive Behaviors,  Compulsive Behaviors,  Hearing Inner Voices,
Irrational Behaviors,  Self-Abusive,  Suicidal Thoughts,  Unreasonable Fear,  Alcohol, Drug Abuse
Unexplainable Physical Ailments,  Personality Changes, Changes in Food Preferences, Objects Moving by Themselves


Please contact me direct, let me know of your interest, questions & concerns.


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