Life/Health Coaching & Mentor


Life Coaching – Assistance in the following areas:

  • Aid in Change of Life Direction or path: Finding your soul purpose
  • Finding out your gifts, talents and interests
  • Career change
  • Job changes within the same job/company or lateral move to another company or different position in same company
  • Balancing career, home life and personal space
  • Aid in Change of Life Direction or path such as a Marriage or Divorce, Loss of Spouse
  • Facing various Life changing Events
  • Having a high school or college age child facing these same questions, changes or circumstances in life

Health Coaching:

Modern Medicine does not cure anything, it only addresses the immediate situation (such as pain or an accident) like a band-aid.  If you have a health issue come up, please for that second opinion, look into Alternative Treatments and/or Therapies.  Go see a Naturopath or Holistic Healer before any decisions are made.  We are all born with natural abilities to heal ourselves, we have only forgotten how to.  All that we need to aid in doing so, is found naturally here on Mother Earth.

Preventative measures taken is always the best. But as we move into this new age of awareness, truth is being revealed to us about the lies we’ve been given in the past about our food and what is good or not good for us to consume, and what the various companies are allowed to manipulate and add into it which is turning out to be audaciously bad for us!  Why is this even going on and being allowed you say?  Medicine is a Big Business.  More people get diseases and  get sick the more money is made and passed around in that industry with the government’s blessings.  This is a man-made nightmare which takes you further away from the true being of who you really are!

As our bodies are our physical home of the soul-spirit that we are, here are some simple measures to take if you make the choice now to start healing and reversing some of the  damages already done to your body.

Mentor: Guidance for specific situations for yourself or your child in the following areas:

  • Any life-changing events
  • Relationship issues with spouses, boyfriend, girlfriend
  • Facing family crisis
  • Issues with your children
  • Facing Terminal Illnesses
  • Aging Parents and the Elderly
  • Relationships with others such as bosses, in-laws
  • Sexual Relations
  • Sexual Abuse, Molestation, Incest




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