(New) Soul Sweep

“Was feeling super depressed due to this illness I have and after the soul sweep, I have increased energy and am even more sensitive to spirit and my surroundings. Feeling happier and ‘lighter’ than I have in six months! Holly is a blessing and very gifted.”  Christine from Winchester,Ca

“I have been blessed by having four Soul Sweeps by Holly Miller. The Soul Sweep is a simple but powerful cleansing that is done remotely and requires nothing more than to be in a state of acceptance and surrender. It is simple but powerful too. The first one was the most dramatic for me as it dislodged some residual emotions that needed to be healed and forgiven. The follow up days were emotional but I was prepared and knew what to expect. Holly is a gentle and caring healer who guided me through the process of what to expect and how to care for myself before during and after the Soul Sweep.  She provided a comprehensive printout of all the energy shifts that occurred after each session, and took the time to explain it all to me. I lovingly encourage anyone who needs to shift stagnant stubborn energy to try a Soul Sweep.”  K. Russell /// Ontario, Canada

“Holly is an extraordinary being of light and love. She has guided me to release what no longer serves me, has healed me and directed me and brought so much goodness and love into my life. I was struggling and her heart was wide open to be a channel for Divine inspiration and healing. She is heart connected and does amazing energy work. She can feel when I don’t feel well and when I do and is always right on. Holly means the world to me and anyone who connects with her and her work will be truly blessed and uplifted and transformed. Don’t put off until tomorrow to reach out for help, Holly is your source for healing your LIFE!”
Noele H. San Lorenzo, CA USA

“Sweet Spot” Heart Activation ~

“I am extremely blessed to have a friend like Holly who helped me like an Angel when I needed. She worked on my Heart Chakra which calmed me. I started feeling lighter and relaxed. Thank you for everything.”
Sharma A. Jammu, India

“I have had 2 Sweet Spot Heart Activations with Holly now and both were quite intense and very different. In the first one, I could feel the energy very strongly, my body was vibrating intensely. So intense I thought the bed was actually shaking. This activation shook up a lot of fears in me which were very easy to release. A very good thing. In the second activation, I could feel the energy flow through me and vibrate a couple different times but what was really interesting was that it felt as if my Heart was being held in someone’s hands and being massaged. As my heart was being massaged I was asked what my hearts desires were, so I stated my true desires in life. As soon as I finished, a shadow self outline of my body left me and 2 people shaped beings carried the shadow self of my body and tossed me on a stone pile. I fell into a deep sleep. Afterwards I was full of joyfulness. I look forward to the next activation with Holly and recommend to anyone who is ready to do some serious healing work.” Thank you Holly.  Kim, Canada

“I began the session laying in the silence as I opened to receive.

Shortly after the session began, I felt the back of my heart chakra open, it was almost painful at first but I sensed much old blocked energy was being released from my heart center. As the session continued I felt the energy move down into my lower chakras clearing them out as well. I began to get REALLY sleepy which made it hard to keep my mind engaged on paying attention to what was happening. By the end of the session, all of my chakras from thr heart down were cleared and integrating heavily. After that I gave in to sleep and slept over 5 hours straight which was so peaceful that I dont even recall dreaming.

Since the session, my heart chakra has felt fully activated and I have felt very peaceful and happy no matter what is going on. I felt the integration for a solid 3 days after the session which is amazing. I highly recommend this session to all those ready to open their heart space and let go of anything standing in the way of that.”
Infinite Blessings ~ YaMaEL, FL USA

“Thank you so much for giving me this amazing opportunity to experience heart chakra opening. I did follow your guidelines. I sit down in quiet place and few min later I felt amazing calming and warm energy flowing through my whole body. Its energy gentle as mother’s touch. I also felt tingling in my right leg, shortly after that I felt (hard to explain ) someone touching my heart and my heart start spinning. At that time I also see your happy face with smile , its beautiful light was on your face, I loved it so much. Also I see face of friend and I don’t know what’s the reason for that. Will wait and see. No one ever worked on my heart chakra , but can tell you is lovely experience. I am glad I decided to do this. Thank you so much. Keep going dear friend. YOUR ENERGY IS AMAZING.”
Amna M., Canada

​”I was honored with having my first long distance “Sweet Spot” Heart Activation on February 28 2015.  Holly had informed me that I could get in touch with the Golden Spot in my Heart where the Light comes directly from Source with a simple activation.  When the vicinity of my “Sweet Spot” was approached, I started becoming tingly and smiled uncontrollably. It felt like my whole body smiled and I wept with sheer joy and recognition. The intense feeling lasted until the next day, and then it subsided into an all pervasive “knowing” I just knew I could call on it whenever I needed it. Thank you Holly

March 9, 2015 I received my second long distance “Sweet Spot” Heart Activation.  This activation differed in feeling but was very potent and healing. I immediately felt Holly’s presence with me, sitting in front of me. I received many flashes of memories and issues which needed healing and immediately felt relief that they were being taken care of. I felt very grounded and centered the next day, and feel that the activation has allowed me to tackle some challenging issues with more love and compassion.”
Katie R, Canada

“Last week I was guided by Source to receive Holly’s fantastic Sweet Spot Heart Activation. I do not normally allow anyone to work on me ~ but I could feel this was straight from SOURCE so I wanted to experience it ~ especially since Holly had said she was in bliss for 3 days! Well I go no BLISS ~ but I already have oodles of that! I got so much more.

I did heaps of releasing during my Activation & shortly thereafter ~ I just had to go to sleep. I could still feel it working on my heart the next day & I had a major shift in my physical heart that was truly spectacular. My heart chakra felt like it went way beyond my physical body & I was able to connect into the centre of my Being with ease & grace.

I was then guided to do a second one.

This was completely different to the first one.
The energy appeared to be working with my solar plexus & then all my lower chakras. Again I did a ton of releasing in the appointment & was then knocked out to sleep for several hours too.
I could still feel it working on me for the next few days,

All pain that I could feel in my Liver, Spleen & Heart is now all gone.
I would only feel this pain when I was working with SOURCE & breathing deeper into my Divinity ~which told me that is was actually some kind of blockage to my awakening fully in a physical body!

I sense ~ although I do not know for sure ~ that these powerful Heart Activations are actually upgrading the DNA or that they somehow short circuit the long process of upgrading the DNA ~ which was what the low level pain was I could feel in my body whenever I was trying to breathe even more deeply into my being.

All that pain has gone & I can travel to the centre of my being in peace & calm.

My deepest sense about this Activation is that all poop that is within our cells and preventing us from being fully in our power is dissolved in this powerful Activation. And that it is dissolved quickly instead of it taking years of personal/spiritual growth to move beyond.


Divine Master Teacher / Healer & Soul Awakener

Access Consciousness: Bars ~

“OMG is definitely the right thing to say. How do I feel, I could write a book! Not only do I have clearer focus, I have a new outlook. I can only hope it lasts! I didn’t sleep well the first night, because I couldn’t go to sleep as I could not stop marveling at what I had experienced. When I did go to sleep it was the deepest best sleep I’ve had in years, had a hard time waking up too. I did not or at least do not recall having BAD dreams for the past two nights! I always dream of “out of control things” and I can not recall a single dream for two nights! I wake up ready to go. When work associates are stressed and say ‘oh no I don’t know how to get it all done we are so busy’ I’m the one that says, okay let’s look at what you’ve got to do, take a Deep breath, we will figure it out, no matter what they say I remain calm and end up calming them, the last 2 days have been incredibly easy no matter what comes at me. My cravings for a glass of wine, GONE! Life comes each day with ease, joy, and glory! Now I’m very rested and tired (or relaxed) and going to sleep way before my normal 11 or 12 pm.”
Billie S.,  Anaheim Hills, CA USA

“The bars process definitely was not a massage, so far as I’m concerned. Massages leave me rag-doll limp. This procedure left me awake, alert and very aware. During the process, I kept my eyes closed and was treated to a bit of a light show. I experienced flashing bright lights ranging from yellow to lime. My left hand tingled a bit, as did the soles of my feet. I found myself thinking of experiences I’d long ago forgotten, brief snippets of some very good times. I guess I’d sum up the whole effect by saying I felt okay, all right, positive. An afternoon well spent.”
Mary Ann K.  Redondo Beach, CA USA

From my 89 year old Uncle, who does not normally have high blood pressure, but did have a spike in his blood pressure the morning before I got there. It was at 230 two hours before my arrival to run his bars. Within 45 minutes or so the blood pressure had dropped to 115 over 68 with the heart rate at 74. He was so calm, peaceful, serene and happy during as well as afterwards and is still continuing to be so.   Bob R.   Redondo Beach, CA USA

Mentoring ~

“Holly is full of life, full of joy. She always strives for the best and never settles at anything less than THE BEST. She always maintains, ‘You are good. But it is not enough just to be good. You must be good for something. You must contribute good to the world. The world must be a better place for your presence. And the good that is in you must be spread to others…’

She’s genius at understanding people from in and out. Being said, she seized the right moment to impart knowledge and skills, that made my life’s experience so pleasant and acceptable to me. She understands that a person’s mind is like a shallow brook which ripples and dances merrily over the stony course of its journey and reflects here a flower, there a bush; and she attempts to guide our mind on its way, knowing that like a brook it should be fed by mountain streams and hidden springs, until it broadened out into a deep river, capable of reflecting in its placid surface, billowy hills, the luminous shadows of trees and the blue heavens, as well as the sweet face of a little flower.

On this Journey, All the best of me belongs to – HER! There is not a talent, or an aspiration or a joy in me that has not been awakened by her loving touch, Holly’s Healing Touch  Love & Gratitude”  Rupika, Delhi India

Life Coaching ~

“My Dearest Uma,
How can I thank you other than expressing to you my thanks!
You once told me that we will continue to experience the same situation until we learn the lesson, so we can then finally move on; well, I finally learned my lesson (thanks to your insight provided) and am now moved to my next stage in this beautiful life.
Myla provided many lessons for my soul   however, the most crucial being learning to maintain being  ME, a Giver, whilst learning to say no when necessary. I finally experienced and fulfilled this particular lesson and now am able to love this broken woman without trying to fix or assist her in finding her serenity.  I have been able to realize that I can only cross her path but it is not mine. I have also learned that I can be in my healthy path and not have to hate her or be upset that she has yet to learn her lesson(s). Thanks to your insight i know that it is not my place nor my responsibility to ensure her path is on track. All I am responsible for is the love I feel in my heart and if I feel free and RIGHT to give it to her (amongst others) then so be it. That is it. Giving my love for the sake of the joy I feel in its giving, nothing more.
Thank you my beautiful Uma. I have nothing to lose anymore and only everything to gain.
Sincerely,”  Nikki, Grand Terrace, CA USA

“Great compassion. Timely care. Showed me the path to resolve personal health issues. Intervened when I strayed. Truly made a difference in my personal well being.”  David, Ontario Canada

“Thanks a lot Holly! You are unique and great, awesomely inspiring and holy like a lotus. Namaste” Suresh, Jammu and Kashmir India

I have worked with Holly and have found her strong skills, serenity and loving integrity open the doors to a very positive and healing experience.”                               Chrism, Santa Rosa CA USA

I have known Holly as a well-rounded student and teacher of life philosophies. Compassion and kindness are her tools of the trade in which she uses with great skill.” Paul, Mill Valley CA USA

“Always inspiring!”  Ed, Chicago IL USA

Holly is passionate about people and making a difference to their lives. She is kind and compassionate and is constantly working on herself, enhancing her abilities to be able to best serve her clients. I strongly recommend her to anyone who seeks to expand.” Sukhdeepak, Noida India

“This was how our paths crossed, I saw this photo you shared and it struck a chord, I asked if you would tag me, you did and you have been giving me positive energy ever since. There have been times that your words have helped guide me back to me!!! I value your thoughts so much so that I sought your advice regarding a life changing audition-timing etc……you told me the time is NOW!!! I will be going to that audition to sing my lil heart out with the thoughts of ‘Everything is just as it should be’. Thank you for all of your words and your friendship, for being authentic, for being YOU. You have a magical inner calm, a sixth sense and a beauty within that shines out for all to see. Love ya Hols & I wish you every blessing today on your birthday & always!!! May you forever walk on holy ground, God Bless.”   xxxx   Elaine, Glasgow UK

Reiki Healing ~

Holly, I remember when you first sent me Reiki, I was your practice friend/buddy, the inbox was pulsating as you were sending, remember? And I told you I had to keep resetting so as not to lose the chat, that was before we had messenger, very powerful Reiki that day, and yes effective, blessings too, thank you!”  Trish, Nowra NSW Australia

I have known Holly for a few years now and found her to be a very dedicated person with a clean and loving heart, always wanting go beyond being selfless in helping, healing others with their problems through Reiki, emitting good positive vibrations to the receiver. I too have been a recipient of her healing and i feel blessed to have such an awesome loving friend as well. Thank you Holly and wish you success for the good work you are doing with such good and loving intention so pure from your heart …”                          Vivek, New Delhi India

Health, Wellness, Motivational ~

“A touch of Holly ” (Holly’s Facebook page:   ) is a wonderful source of information. I am so glad I found your page. I find myself drawn to it daily for its uplifting, inspirational messages, quotes, reiki healing, healthy living advice, fabulous pictures and so much more. It’s a heart-warming delightful part of my day now.   Finding that your advice and the spirital tilt the site puts on things, has helped me grow as a individual. I wish you continued success!  What a wonderful addition to my life. Heart hugs and warm embrace. Thank you “A touch of Holly ” for enriching my life.”  Bobbi, Pitts PA USA

“Practical suggestions on maintaining and improving physical health are intertwined with positive affirmations and an emphasis on the relationship between physical, mental and spiritual systems which, according to Holly, function inter-dependently with each other. Her inner goodness and light shine out and bathe those who are searching for an alternative life style in warmth and understanding. Her willingness to stop and listen to a friend seeking help speaks for itself. I am so grateful to have met Holly as she has not only shown me a healthier and more satisfying way of life, but provided the tools to access and improve both physical and spiritual health.”   Willow Rose, Adamstown Pitcairn Islands  

“I believe the name itself symbolizes what a beautiful person she is. I like to call her Holy cause she is such a kind and beautiful soul. She has been a good and helpful friend of mine since years and I am glad that she always takes time to reply whenever I send her message even when I am at the other end of the world. She has been my good and reliable friend who helped me to believe that beautiful feelings and emotions are not dependent on physical proximity or geographical closeness. I wish her all the best in her life and her mission of bringing smiles in people’s life.”  Sanjay, Mumbai, India


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