-- inspired by Braylee

She taught us to live with our whole heart, see gratitude in every day as everything was “going to be ok", to always be BOLD and Be the Change.

Braylee lived her life with such purpose. Her view of the world was light, with great joy and kindness….ALWAYS.

No matter the limitations she faced in her life she always found gratitude in it. We cannot control how we are born, what we look like, or what our talents will be. But we do get to choose to be kind. Despite her rare medical diagnosis, she was so much like all children. Everybody has something, so really everyone is different in their own way.

She brought out the best in people. Throughout her life we almost universally experienced kindness wherever we went. From our community to strangers, she moved people to be the good in the world and share kindness and shared a smile.

There are several dates that will always matter to our family, but two particularly important ones:  is the day our beautiful Braylee was born, April 3rd, and the day she left this world, November 13th.

Braylees 3rd angelversary is this week and while it is still a struggle to face, our tradition of “Being BOLD, BRAVE and BRINGING THE CHANGE,” has certainly helped us live out Braylee’s Legacy on an awfully hard day. And YOU have made it even more beautiful by joining in and supporting our mission.

We hope you will join us again this year in bringing the change to this crazy world we are living in now and to bring kindness to all.

Please snap a picture of what you are doing and share to social media so we can follow all the places that is impacted in honor of Braylee by #BeTheChange.

You can use this attached printable to share Braylee’s story with others.

We hope you feel that special Braylee sparkle in spreading love and kindness. Thank you for remembering and honoring our Brave Bold Butterfly with us.

Other ways to support our mission,

  1. Three for Three: Donate three dollars for her third angelversary. Paypal, Venmo or donate through our website. 
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  3. Select With Angel Wings as the recipient of your Amazon Smile.
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