Angel Wrap

We provide Angel Wraps inside of our Angel Boxes that are delivered to partnering birthing centers.

A very special part of the grieving process for parent/s is to see, hold and bond with their tiny little infants. 

Discovering that you have nothing to wrap or dress your tiny loved one in can be hard, as nothing will fit, or is appropriate for the simplest of touches that are possible when holding them during that time. To have your little one passed to you in a rough, or not very attractive, piece of cloth only makes that awareness that much sharper and more painful.

An Angel wrap is a simple tiny blanket like a piece of clothing that their little baby can be wrapped in for that holding, bonding and special time. 

How can you help us provide these special Angel Wraps to our partnering birthing centers. 

  • Monetary donation to purchase materials.
  • Make Angel Wraps and provide them to our organization. 
  • Willing to partner with us to be an Angel Wings seam stress when we have need for more to be made? Fill out our volunteer form.