Finding my way forward

For many bereaved parents, keeping our children’s memory alive is key to our survival. Sometimes that means talking about them and posting pictures. For me it is more than that. My biggest fear is others will forget her. I strongly have the urge to share our experience as if the lord knew what he was doing.  Our daughter had a profound impact on us, and we are hoping sharing our experiences and our emotions can be impactful to you too.

Beyond sharing emotions and our experience with others we felt an urge deep in our hearts to give back to a program that gave our child so much life when she battled her illness. A program that is ran through donations and makes an impact on a children’s life and the families after.

We are in the process of launching Braylee’s Butterflies Legacy Cabinet for Child Life Specialists in children’s hospitals to utilize.

A cabinet that will be full of supplies for children with terminal illness to express themselves and later it can be valuable keepsake for the family.

Today, I still can’t believe she is not here. It’s been four full years and it’s not gotten any easier. But I think of the lives we’ve touched because of her death and hope to continue to touch more. From the beginning I knew she had a purpose for life on earth.

I don’t do it for the praise from others or for the thank you’s. I don’t do it to show that I am surviving and have found a way through life without your child. But I do take every opportunity I can to talk about her and share her with others. It makes me happy to know that other families now know her. I love showing her precious face, her beautiful smile and talking about her unbelievable strength, and bravery.

That is my way forward.


To learn more about Braylee Butterflies Legacy Cabinet, watch for updates. To help us continue to move forward and support our mission, consider a donation of 4 dollars for Braylee’s 4th angelversay.

Donate – With Angel Wings

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