Looking back...... Brayelee's 10th Birthday.

As I look back, it is unfathomable to think through how much time has passed. So many incredibly special moments and milestones missed.  Yet, an abundance of blessings have been bestowed upon me as well. From desires, to regret, to do-overs and wishes, my mind tries to make sense of them all.

For now, here are my thoughts and wishes today…

My first wish- to be able to celebrate with you. I’d take every change to smother you with balloons and delicious cake. To see your adorable smile, your mischievous glances and determined mindset would be such a gift. 

Every day, especially today, I am filled with wishes and wonder as I think about the years that have passed. I wish I could experience all the fun and trials that the teenage years bring- high school, boys, sleepovers, and endless activities.

Watching your friends grow, reaching milestones that you will never have a chance to achieve, is so painstaking hard. I look with envy, as an outsider, to a world I used to know.

I wonder a lot.

I wonder if pink and purple would still be your favorite colors.

I wonder if you would still want your long princess hair.

I wonder what you would prefer to wear, how you would want your nails done, if you would still wear your pink lipstick, and if you would have your ears pierced.

I wonder how you would love and interact with your two beautiful sisters. Despite the challenges you faced, I have no doubt you would show them your unending love that you graciously showed all of us.

My heart will never completely heal and the tears, which fall slowly down my face leaving marks on my shirt, are full of so much love. You will always be my girl. My first child who made me a mother.

I will carry you with me forever.

Instead of me teaching you what life is all about, my sweet child you have taught me.

You have taught me to be bold and strong when I feel weak.

You have taught me to be brave and to go out of my comfort zone.

You have taught me to love unconditionally and provide to others in need. 

You have taught me to be the change so needed in this world. 

Through all that you have taught me and me trying to find hope in a very difficult journey in our lives; I, along with others, have been successfully building a nonprofit to help others in similar situations.

Sweet girl, your hospitalizations played a huge part in our lives and as parents one of our goals was to bring you comfort during those difficult times. One of the things we treasure most is your plaster casted hand and footprint mold. 

Our passion is to serve others, who are experiencing similar circumstances, so that their family can have those precious treasures when their child’s earthly life ends. 

That is where the Comfort Cart comes in! On behalf of Braylee’s Butterflies, we are very excited and humbled to say we have signed a pledge with Sanford Foundation for a $15,000 commitment to sponsor the Comfort Cart!

This cart will offer activities for young patients, their siblings, and their parents to enjoy during their hospital stay or as they face the end of their child’s life. The Comfort Cart will be stocked with many beautiful, life-giving, items to promote activities that will provide lasting memories for years to come.

Because so many of you have walked this difficult journey with us, and have been impacted by the legacy of our sweet Braylee, we invite you to join us in supporting this wonderful cause! Please consider linking arms with us as we help bring hope and healing to those families facing long-term illness or even death. 

This year Braylee would be celebrating her 10th birthday, her 5th birthday in heaven, and in celebration of our sweet girl we are kicking off our fundraising efforts to support the Comfort Cart! Our BIG, and much needed, goal for the month of April is $1000! 

Reaching our goal of $1000 would provide 30 mold castings for families to have after life on earth is done, over 60 recordable story books which allow the recording of their loved one’s voice, and it will provide therapeutic art offering comfort to a child going through a difficult hospital stay.

Join us in making a difference and be a part of giving HOPE for children and families. 


Happy 10th Birthday our Sweet Braylee Jo. 
Be Bold, Be Brave, Be the Change. 

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