There will be a day.

Pain is part of this life and it can draw us closer to God than we have ever been. Ive always been a believer, but I cant say I  have always lived the life of one. I find myself reaching out more and more.

Living in this world is full of trials and tribulation, but we are promised a time that is coming where we will be free of all pain and tears. A time when we will see our loved ones again, including our Braylee. 💓

One year ago was the first time in the past week I felt comfortable going to bed. That might seem strange to people as our daughter was still fighting for her life and on full life support. But we had a moment around 1030 at night. I was talking, singing to her and holding her hand. I ask her if she could hear me to sqeueze my hand... and she squeezed it. I had so much hope that night thinking we would conquer this fight! Our first glispe of life from her in 6 days for it to all change 2 hours later. 

A little after midnight we were woke up from the attending fellowship resident to say there had been a change in our daughters assessment. They wanted to take her to CT to get a scan to confirm what their assessment findings were leaning towards. 

That was the end. It was indeed  confirmed and nothing further we could do to fight. 

Now I believe she squeezed my hand to say goodbye and she loved us. She would never leave without huggies and kissies.

There will be a day. Her day came way sooner than we ever imagined. But when that day comes, it will be glorious!

I have found such comfort in music. Wanted to share this song with you all by Jeremy Camp.




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