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Cade's Legacy is in honor of Cade Vincent Delmonico.

 Cade's Legacy Vision Statement: Supporting families through child loss with hope and healing.

Cade's Legacy Mission Statement: Cade's Legacy strives to ensure every child's memory lives on by helping families honor their children and providing on-going financial and emotional support.

Cade's Legacy was founded in 2019 after the Delmonico family experienced a tragic accident on their farm resulting in the loss of their son, Cade Vincent. Since then the family has been dedicated to helping other families experiencing the loss of their child, especially due to an accident or sudden death. They also continue to live their lives and encourage others to live their lives the way Cade did, by be Loving, Polite and Silly. 

 On September 2, 2017, God blessed this earth with Cade Vincent Delmonico. He joined his loving family of Vincent, Natalie, Audrey and Carson. Cade loved his life on the farm. He enjoyed spending time outside with his daddy, Vince, and sharing snuggles with his mommy, Natalie. He is deeply loved by his big sister, Audrey, who was also his number one helper. Cade is sadly missed by his big brother, Carson, and loved to mimic his big brother's every move. He also enjoyed feeding sheep with Papa Marky. Cade lived a short but beautiful life. He gave love, he got love and he played. 

You are invited to listen to that love Cade shared with everyone he met and the inspiration behind the motto, Loving, Polite, and Silly.


In honor of Cade, please continue to live life by being Loving, Polite and Silly

Cade's Legacy is a program of With Angel Wings, a non profit supporting families through all aspects of child loss.

Cade's Legacy is in memory of Cade Vincent Delmonico

Camp Cade

  • Camp Cade is a day camp for children ages 4-18 that have lost a sibling.
  • Camp Cade will be held starting in the summer of 2021 at Triangle Park in Canby, Minnesota.
  • Programming for Camp Cade will focus on helping children learn strategies to cope with their grief while enjoying the outdoors. 
  • There will also similar programming available to parents while their child participates in camp activities. 
  • To aide in our planning process, if you are interested in registering for Camp Cade please email us at
  • Formal registration will be available in 2021.